Catalog Creator

Automatically tag products from images and improve product discovery and product searches.

Style Advisor

An AI stylist for each customer advising each what looks good on them and what size fits them.

Intuitive Recommendations

Show each customer what she wants- real time, dynamic and personalised.

Outfit Builder

AI based outfitting advice. Build multiple lookbooks for each product- real time, dynamic and personlised

Image Assyst

Image recognition based style and outfit advice.

Sales Assyst

Enable your In-Store sales staff with our clienteling solution for closing sales faster.


Engage and advice customers through AI/NLP driven chat.

Shopper Insights

Get actionable customer personas and preferences.

Mail Curate

Real-time dynamic email personalisation for each customer helps you engage, convert and acquire customers.

Trendz Forecast

Know what styles to make based on what your customers want.


Capture the response of each customer as they look at your merchandise.