Personalization and Business Intelligence solutions for your e-commerce site and Physical store

Personalized Navigation

Surfaces and ranks the most relevant products for each customer in real-time. If you have a million customers, we create a million stores.

Outfit Builder

Use our Outfit Builder solution to provide multiple personalized outfit ideas for each customer and for every product in your catalogue.

Style and Fit Advisor

Let your customer know in real-time, how well each product in the store will fit her shape, colour and style. For Lingerie, we have built a Bra Fit test as well.


Customer Intelligence

Customer profiling based on Behavioural, Demographical characteristics, product-attribute affinities and brand & price sensitivities.

Marketing Insights

We help you market to a person, not a segment. Get the right content and marketing message in front of each person.

Demand Planning Insights

Predict customers’ future demand for each product – right down to the colour, style, fabric and prints by store and region.



True one to one personalization

Leverage the power of machine learning to provide product, style and complete outfit recommendations personalized for each customer.

Real Time Contextual Personalization

Get the right eyeballs for each product. Personalise your catalogue for each customer in real time. Respond with relevant products and offers in real time.

Drive higher and faster Conversions

Assist your customers in the buying decision journey by showing them what they want, effortlessly. Improve conversions by better matching customers to their needs.

Leverage Rich Data Insights

A powerful analytics dashboard that provides actionable data insights on shopping behavior and preferences for each shopper by categories, brands, customer segments, location, channel, device and multiple product features.

Empower your Marketing campaigns

Offer promotions best suited for each shopper. Aggregate insights from shopping behavior, campaign and social engagements. Get a higher ROI on your marketing spend.

Boost your sales with Up-sell and Cross-sell

Gain a higher share of shopper wallet. Uncover opportunities to expose newer and profitable categories, products and brands aided by our product, style and complete outfit recommendations.

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Dressire is a tech startup incubated with NASSCOM 10000 Startups in Bangalore. Our Vision is to enable slow and responsible fashion through personalisation. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics based solution, helps malls, retailers and brands understand what products can be shown to which customers, even if they have no historical purchase data about the customers. It helps them provide an individualised experience for both “walk-in” and “online” shoppers by personalising the entire inventory for “each” shopper in real time.Dressire acts like a Personal Shopper, Fashion Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant. Our Business Intelligence suite provides deep insights about a customer’s persona and preferences. The malls, retailers and brands can leverage this information to do targeted marketing, drive their Online to Offline (O2O) strategy and use our data insights to fine tune & align their inventories to the actual demand.

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